The Rip Cone - Revolutionary Cone with Grip


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For decades cones have been used to train athletes and for decades cones have been used to train athletes in the exact same ways. Ordinary. Generic. Unrealistic.

Normal cones are placed on the ground to represent scenarios, defenders, and obstacles, but with little imagination and without true realism to the sport being emphasized.

Through the Rip Cone, I’m Training is revolutionizing the cone industry and the training industry. Finally, there is a cone with imagination, which can do more than just be placed on the ground. Its thoughtful, durable, and innovative design gives athletes the perfect tool to simulate everything from contact, game accountability, flexibility, control and more.

Working with the some of the top sport-specific trainers in the world, Micah Lancaster (basketball), Ed Tseng (Tennis), Jacob Tucker (athleticism), and more, the Rip  Cone is designed to be picked up, stacked, moved around, force low hips when changing directions, and even designed to serve as a target that can be knocked down and struck.

Athletes will also be able to find drills on the I'm Training YouTube channel demonstrating exactly how to use the Rip Cone for training success. Drills will be both specific to their sport and pure athletic training, because with I’m Training we don’t just make the most innovating training tools in the world, we show you how to train with blood, sweat, and tears!


Features of the Rip Cone:
  • Grip – The only cone made and designed with grip for picking up and moving spot to spot
  • Durability – Made with durable plastic that won’t crack and break like the normal cone.
  • Wide Base – Designed to be picked up and aggressively slammed down for lower hips and control.
  • Rounded Top – Designed to force accountability and make contact with the cone
  • Stack-ability – The grip, texture, and shape of the cone allows it to be stacked without getting stuck